Hipster DIY Camper Van

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Living in a van down by the river wouldn’t be as bad as it sounds if you were shacking up in a DIY Campervan! You want this?! Yes you do…


Built by filmmaker Zach Both as a way to both live and work anywhere in the country, this decade old Chevy cargo van has been converted into a cozy, modern rolling accommodation.


The interior was heavily influenced by contemporary architecture, with a futon bed, a kitchen with a stove, hinged side panels that let in fresh air and natural light yet offer privacy at night, and solar panels on the roof that help power the fridge, Wi-Fi network, and home theater.


Best of all, Both has compiled a free manual so you can build your own using nothing but common tools, a little grit, and, of course, a beat-up old van.

So you want one? Click here to learn more.