Celebrities With Ivy League Degrees


Celebrities aren't just pretty faces. They often get degrees in theater or other majors before beginning their acting careers. And sometimes, they graduate from some of the most impressive universities in the country. Check out the colleges that these actors and actresses graduated from! There will definitely be some big surprises...

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2. James Franco – UCLA & Yale

James Franco was initially interested in becoming a marine biologist, while secretly wanting to become an actor. He decided to enroll at UCLA and major in English. After about a year, he dropped out (against his parents’ wishes). He then took acting lessons at the Playhouse West, while working at McDonald’s. A few years later he re-enrolled at UCLA. He then got his MFA degree from Columbia, attended NYU, went to Brooklyn College, and is currently a PhD student in English at Yale University. So, even though his characters don’t normally portray this, it appears is if James might be a genius.

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

2. James Franco – UCLA & Yale