10 Documentaries on Netflix You Need to Watch

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After comparing audience ratings from several sites, these 10 documentaries stood out from the rest. These films are bound to leave you feeling informed and ready for the office small talk.


Only documentaries made after 2010 and had a 5-star rating on Netflix were contenders for the top 10 list.


Top 10 Documentaries


1. For the Love of Spock

100% Rotten TomatoesFor the Love of Spock movie coverAny Trekkers out there? The son of Leonard Nimoy, more famously known as Spock, tells the story of his father’s 50 year journey as one of the most recognized and beloved sci-fi characters.


2) Twinsters

100% Rotten Tomatoes

Twinsters movie cover

Ever wondered if you have a long-lost twin? Sometimes, fantastical questions become reality; as it is in this emotional and heartfelt film.


3) Virunga

100% Rotten Tomatoes

Virunga movie cover

The death of Harambe was a tragedy, but efforts are made each day to save the lives of many other gorillas. Discover the story of park rangers who risk everything for these animals.


4. Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me

100% Rotten Tomatoes

Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me movie cover

Even if you don’t like country music, you have probably heard the name Glen Campbell. Follow the story of his music career and final moments with fans.


5. Blackfish

98% Rotten Tomatoes

Blackfish movie cover

The film responsible for an 84% drop in profits at Seaworld, Blackfish is one that will have you questioning the way we interact with the animals around us.


6. Making a Murder

97% Rotten Tomatoes

Making a Murder movie cover

A film 10 years in the making tells the mysterious true story of crime and police corruption.


7. Last Days in Vietnam

95% Rotten Tomatoes

Last Days in Vietnam movie cover

The untold story of the evacuation of American allies during the last days of the Vietnam War.


8. Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom

91% Rotten Tomatoes

Winter on Fire movie cover

A powerful documentary that details how a peaceful demonstration turned into a bloody revolution.


9. Last Chance U

90% Rotten Tomatoes

Last Chance U movie cover

Before the NFL and fame comes grueling work and determination. This Docuseries follows the men and their fight for a chance at glory.


10. Buck

89% Rotten Tomatoes

Buck movie cover

The story of Buck Brannaman and his communications with animals and what it teaches us about our relationships with others.

Did your favorite documentary not make the list? There are many other shows that deserve some attention. Here are ten more honorable mentions completely worth your Netflix time.


Honorable Mentions

  1. Tales By Light
  2. Alive Inside
  3. Unbranded
  4. Pump
  5. Batkid Begins
  6. The Ivory Game
  7. Fed Up
  8. (Dis)Honesty
  9. Second Chance Dogs
  10. Africa