23 Poisonous Foods We Commonly Eat


Would you be surprised to learn some of the foods you eat are poisonous? They are even lurking in your every day food supply. Here is a list of 23 common foods with hidden poisons you should know about. Find out how to keep yourself and your family safe by avoiding these potential dangers!

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1. Lima Beans

A fairly common legume that is often served in pastas, soups, and mixed vegetables, these pale green beans are not as innocent as they look. While perfectly safe when properly cooked, the little lima bean is not so nice when eaten raw. Lima beans actually contain a high level of cyanide, as part of the plant’s natural defenses, a chemical that is poisonous to humans. Thinking twice about eating lima beans? Don’t worry. The United States regulates commercially grown beans and requires that cyanide levels are monitored. Also, lima beans are fine to eat when thoroughly cooked.

1. Lima Beans