Top 9 Cringe-Worthy College Football Press Conferences

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Lights, camera, action! Some football players and coaches love the media and are happy to do quick press conferences. Usually, they are typical and maybe even boring, but sometimes you get golden gems in which either the interviewer or the interviewee decides to make everything awkward.

Tirades, dirty looks, and avoiding questions can lead to 20 minutes of cringe-worthy material for everyone in the room. Below are 9 of the most cringe-worthy college football press conferences.

9. Nick Saban: Coke

This interview may be the least cringe-worthy on this list, but it is still pretty funny. When asked by a reporter if Kirby Smart would be taking the coaching job at the University of Georgia, Nick Saban replied with, “You can ask the bottle.”

8. David Bennett: More Dogs Less Cats

This video is just bizarre. The Carolina football coach begins with a story about how a cat got trapped in his kitchen. Then, he compares this experience to how his football players need to be more like dogs instead of cats.

7. Lane Kiffin: Resignation from UT

The worst part of this video is when Kiffin was asked to answer 3 questions out of respect to Tennessee fans, he fails to do so. Come on Lane! Give the fans what they deserve: some respect!

6. Jim Mora: Is This a Press Conference for Questions?

You’ve got to feel bad for Jim Mora because the reporter he deals with is absolutely annoying. There were certainly some choice words the UCLA coach wanted to share with him. The arrogant reporter starts off by giving Mora advice about how he believes UCLA should have played the game instead. To this comment, Jim invites the reporter to come and sit with him at the podium.

5. Dabo Swinney: Clemsoning

This interview featured a low blow by the reporter who called Dabo’s past performance into question. At the time, the Clemson coach and his players were 5-0 in the ACC. “I think it’s ridiculous that you are even asking me that question.”

4. Randy Edsall: Every Single Game

When asked if he shook his players hands after each game, Edsall ripped into the reporters and then promptly walked off. It definitely makes you uncomfortable watching him lose his mind at the audience.

3. Jim Harbaugh: Bikini Question

This one is just weird all around. A female reporter began asking Jim Harbaugh about bikinis and if his players were disappointed because they hadn’t seen any on their trip. It’s pretty awkward, but the Michigan football coach handled it like a champ.

2. Mike Leach: Fat Little Girlfriends

At the time of this video, Mike Leach was the coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He rants about how his players failed to win the football game because of their “fat little girlfriends.” First of all, that’s not the nicest way to talk about women, and many women were probably offended. Second of all, you can’t blame a girlfriend for failing to win a game. The girlfriends aren’t the ones playing the game after all.

1. Mike Gundy: Newspaper Article

Classic, classic, classic. “I’m a man, and I’m 40.” How could this not top the list? Every bit of it makes you want to cringe all over. Some of the comments made by Gundy make him look unbelievably uneducated. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the cringe fest!