10 Weirdest Holidays of the Year

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We all know there is a “day” for everything, whether it is national doughnut day or bubble bath day, there is a celebration for everyone.

But how do these “days” dedicated to the celebration of something as random as a bubble bath come about? Does someone just say “Hey, today you’re gonna call me Bob… And I’m going to call you Sydney, and we can call today “Get a Different Name Day.”

Surprisingly…that is exactly how it happens in most cases, and for the record “Get a Different Name Day” is February 13th, just in time to change your identity to avoid the lack of a date for Valentine’s Day.

It turns out, making a legitimate, nationally-recognized holiday takes a lot of paperwork, time, and connections to Congress. But, there is another way to get your celebration on the calendar. Many special interest groups, companies, or sports teams simply declare a “day,” and sometimes it becomes a tradition year after year. So why not give it a shot?


10 weirdest holidays that stuck


10) July 2nd: I Forgot Day

Man sitting in booth on a laptop

Creator Gaye Anderson was on his toes when he came up with this day…or not at all. He saysIt probably had to be 10 years ago … it’s been well over five. I just went through a particularly forgetful period — I had a heavy workload doing student service work, as well as teaching, and things were slipping by — my daughter’s anniversary, my daughter’s birthday … my anniversary. Our anniversary was April 26th and I always think 4-24 instead of 4-26.”

Soon thereafter, “I forgot day” was born and has stuck ever since. Anderson says it isn’t just a day to remember all that you have forgotten but all that you may forget in the future as well.

Make your anniversary coincide with this day and at least you will always have an excuse. This is a great day to not do your homework, show up late for work, or just lay in bed because you have a great excuse for the next 24 hours, “I forgot.”


9) January 28th: National Fun at Work Day

group of young adults

All work and no play isn’t always the best approach, but what’s wrong with a little comedy in the cubicle? Use this day as a formal excuse to let your weird side show a bit more to your coworkers. While you’re at it, get the boss involved and create a few memories in the process.

A recent study at the University of Warwick shows that happy employees tend to work 12% more effectively than another employee, and unhappy employees work 10% less effectively than their counterparts. That is a 22% difference from a happy to an unhappy worker!

Show these mind boggling stats to your boss the next time he or she tries to drown out your fun on January 28th.


8) April 15th: National That Sucks Day

Man painting with paint on his hands

Sometimes it’s nice to take one day to be a little pessimistic and just let out that inner Debbie downer. April 15th is the day when you can rain on as many parades as you like. It is also the day Abraham Lincoln died and the Titanic went down.

The creator of this day, Bruce Novtony (official Holiday Creator), runs a website where he posts his opinions about anything that “sucks.” So take take this day as an opportunity to wipe that smile off your face so you can tough it out the next 364 days until April 15th rolls around again.


7) July 27th: National Take Your Plants for a Walk Day

hand holding a daisy against the blue sky

Well, this has to be one of the weirder celebrated holidays, but why not? Just think, there are probably a few people who actually pick up their potted plant and take it for a walk around the block. In an effort to help these chosen few feel a bit more support, why not take a moment to pick up your favorite plant and go for a nice nature walk.

If you feel a little hesitant about this holiday, there are more conservative ways to celebrate. Plants naturally outgrow their pots on occasion and need to be repotted. Use this day as an opportunity to check up and see what you have been lacking in terms of plant care. Maybe just relocating your potted plants within your home can provide you the satisfaction of celebrating this special day.


6) May 4th: National Star Wars  Day

Group of Stormtroopers playing twister

May the 4th be with you. No, this isn’t some Star Wars plug, it’s a real day. For all you Star Wars fans out there, this day is an added excuse to go crazy for your favorite characters and adventures. Put your hair up in a couple of side buns, wear your cloak outside, and carry your light saber.

We can all thank Disney for the new buzz around Star Wars and the new movies coming out. With the movie’s continuing popularity, you can strike up an opportunity with anyone. Who wouldn’t smile at the conversation starter “Hey, did you know it’s National Star Wars Day?”


5) April 14th: International Moment of Laughter Day

Man laughing

Who hasn’t had an uncontrollable moment of laughter with a friend? These moments are some of the most prized memories one may have as they think back on good times when the laughter just couldn’t be held back.

Take this day as an opportunity to lose yourself in laughter as many times as possible. Here are some tips to get yourself to that extreme level of laughter:

  • Fake laugh uncontrollably until you realize it is actually hilarious
  • Get with a friend and share an embarrassing story from the past
  • Watch your favorite memes/videos online until you just can’t take it anymore.


4) April 7th: No Housework Day

woman in a laundromat inside a dryer

This goes out to all those loving mothers out there who toil away trying to maintain an orderly home for their family. This day is a day of rest and a break from the housework.

On other holidays, your family members may attempt to bring you breakfast in bed or buy you a present or two. But let’s be honest, you can probably do it much better yourself. Use this day wisely. Take yourself out to breakfast, buy yourself a nice relaxing day at the spa and order lunch at home while you relax the day away, binge watching your favorite series. Let the dishes pile up and the clothes remain dirty. On April 7th, your to-do list is a whole lot shorter, leaving you with all the time you need to do what you actually enjoy doing.


3) August 5th: National Friendship Day

Group of young women in a parking lot

Dedicate this day to your lifelong best friend, to laughing attacks, to mischievous plans, to secret handshakes, and inside jokes. This day is a day to reflect on those you love, in or outside of the family tree, and all of the good times you share with them.
Who doesn’t love a good excuse to reminisce and get back in touch with old classmates or lost friends? Use this day to reconnect through social media, a handwritten letter, or a brief text. This day takes our number 3 spot because friendship is something special and it deserves a dedicated 24 hour period.


2) May 11th: Eat What You Want Day

table with sweets on it

Imagine a warm doughnut fresh off the conveyor belt just after it passes through a sugary waterfall of warm delicious glaze just waiting to be eaten. Sadly, many of us do not have the pleasure of always eating to our heart’s content. If that were the case, I am sure we would all be even more out of shape than we already are.

But May 11th is a built-in “cheat day.” For those of you dieting, feel free to put your fitness app away and stop counting those points to take a few bites of cake. Indulge yourself, and worry about the stomachache tomorrow; today it doesn’t matter.


1) March 16thEverything You Do Is Right Day

Thumbs up

No one likes to be wrong, that’s why someone went out of their way to create this day. On this day, there are no mistakes to learn from or embarrassment due to failure; there is only right, no wrong.

So on March 16th, take a big test without the stress of missing a question, ask a girl out and feel as confident as ever, or let out your coolest dance moves, because if someone judges you, they’re wrong. Why? Because my friend, you are always right.


No matter what day it is, look for an excuse to celebrate, to put a smile on your face, and have purpose in your day. Share that happiness with others and don’t be afraid to mix things up. If we live everyday as if it were a holiday (because chances are it is) we could slowly make this world a better place.