How You, Too, Can Spot the Best and Worst Red Carpet Looks

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The Oscars are upon us again, which means that we will once again cheer on our favorite celebrities as they claim that highly sought-after prize, the Oscar (and if you don’t believe its sought-after-ness, please just call up our friend Leo for more deets). For better or for worse, this event seems to beckon to celebrities everywhere to come and enjoy the frivolity that is the Academy Awards.

What comes along with this is a myriad of opinions, from top fashion designers to your great aunt Sally on who wore what and who wore it best. I mean, we’re in the age of the internet, everyone gets an opinion, right? Since we all seem to take an interest in everyone’s fashion choices for the night, we’ve put together a list on how you, too, can spot the best and worst Oscar looks. And hey, maybe the next time you buy a dress or tux and go to a red carpet event, these tips can help you as well.

The Worst


1) If it looks like you forgot something, it’s not good.

Pharrell Williams at 2016 Oscars

Poor Pharrell Williams, he was probably in such a rush that he forgot to pack socks for his Oscar trip. With the downward cut in his shoes, surely everyone would know about his blunder, so we can only assume that he thought on his “feet”, and rolled up his tuxedo pant legs so there would be no question as to whether he forgot his socks or not.  Come on Pharrell, while the man bun might still be lingering around, the man capris surely are not.


2) If it looks like perhaps your designers couldn’t decide on the patter and style, it’s probably a no-go.

Keira Knightley at the Golden Globes

Keira Knightley, usually queen of class, probably fell victim to this 2 dress designer clash. It appears that the top and bottom of the dress were going for the classic Amish look, while the middle and bracelet were definitely channeling the middle school butterfly print look. The designers were probably watching Disney’s Sleeping Beauty for inspiration and decided the 2-in-1 dress was possible.

sleeping beauty


3) Usually we say twinning is winning, but at the Oscars there are no ties.

naomi watts and calista flockhart same Oscar dress

If you really want to be debating with the best, one thing you can know for sure is that when it comes to formal occasions no one wants to be wearing the same dress, or even close to the same dress like Naomi Watts and Calista Flockhart did here. While each dress is fine on its own, the second these two were seen together, they for sure make everyone’s no-go list. It’s awkward when you spend thousands of dollars on a dress only to find that someone else had similar thoughts…whoops.


4) If you think you’re going to a costume party, don’t accidentally show up at the Oscars.

lizzy-gardiner                           diablo cody leopard dress

faith hill tye die dress                       Bjork swan dress

It happens every year, poor celebrities get the dates wrong and instead of going to some party where costumes were required, their limo pulls up at the red carpet to the Oscars and then they’re stuck in their costumes. I mean, we can’t assume they knew where they were going, right? But really, if you’re looking to be an Oscar fashion critic these ones are for sure the easiest to spot.

Phew. Now that we’ve got those over with let’s look at some of the best.


The Best

Okay, if you want your blog/Facebook/etc. to have a quality review of the fashion of the Oscars, you need to know how to spot the best. This can also be hard as, once again, there are always A LOT of outlandish gowns that no one really wears anyways so why do we care? But we sure love to judge. But since no one can agree on exactly what makes one the best dressed, here are a few things you might look for.


1) Does it seem like you wouldn’t really be able to move in the dress? That’s a pretty good indicator that it’s a good pick.

Kate Bosworth red carpet     Selena Gomez 2014 white dress      olivia wilde white dress

Does it look too tight to move? Do you think they’re hoping for a wind free night? Are they afraid to move too quickly? Do you think to yourself, “Honestly, that can’t be comfortable”? All good indicators that these gowns should make your list.


2) Does the dress remind of a Disney princess? That’s a really good indicator that it makes the best list.

Saoirse Ronan at the Oscars Lupita Nyong'o Alicia Vikander at the Oscars

Whether Ariel, Cinderella, or Belle, including a Disney princess dress on your list is sure to give your “best” list a boost. This is probably due to the fact that we all have good vibes deep down about these princesses, so anything that makes us think of them gets a thumbs up.


3) Pick a suit

Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2014 Oscars Chris Hemsworth at the Oscars Joseph Gordon Levitt at the Oscars

Through all the ups and downs that there are in picking the best dressed, the easiest way to go is definitely just to showcase the suits. They’re all about the same, they are all accompanied by a tie, and as long as you don’t cuff your pants (seriously Pharrell), it’s kinda hard to go wrong.
So, when you’re judging what everyone on your TV is wearing while you sit on the couch in your pajamas, keep these tips in mind and all will be well. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll attend the Oscars and we can all decided if we like what you’re wearing.