The All-Inclusive List Of Secret Menus

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It’s always the same. We’re used to the dining experience where we go in, look at the menu, and then pick whatever sounds most favorable to us at the time. Well, if that’s all your experience has ever been, get ready to have your mind blown, because chances are that one of the dining establishments you frequent offers a secret menu with items on it that you’re gonna wish you’d been eating for years. We sure wish we had.

Here are some of our favorite secret menus:

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  1. One of the more well-known secret menus is In-N-Out’s. One of the top items on this secret menu is the option to order your burger and fries Animal style. This option includes having pickles, grilled onions, mustard, and In-N-Out’s secret sauce either fried into your burger or on top of your fries. Trust us, it’s good.
  2. You can also order your burger protein style. It is a burger without buns but with lettuce wrapped around instead. You can also order it cut in half for those days when you’re not as hungry. Try getting a flying dutchmen burger; it also doesn’t have buns, but unlike protein style, it’s topped with a mountain of cheese. If you’re not about that meat life, you can get a grilled cheese. Want 2 patties? Get a double double. Want 12 patties? Get a 12X12. However many you want, they will get it for you. Want your buns toasted? Just ask!
  3. When it comes to fries, you can ask for well-done fries (crispier), light fries (less crispy), and cheese fries, which as their name implies are fries drenched in cheese. Oh, and don’t forget those animal fries. Really, they are that good.
  4. Other items on their secret menu include neapolitan shakes, root beer floats, lemon-up, and tea-aid. You can ask for grilled onions, chili peppers, and don’t forget the secret sauce!

Basically this secret menu makes IN-N-OUT even better, if that’s even possible.


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Jamba Juice

  1. Jamba Juice has one of the largest secret menus around and these drink options are honestly worth trying. Some of these, like the dream machine series, you can pick based on your flavor preference (Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, or Raspberry mixed with frozen yogurt), while others are made to taste like something in particular, including the Now and Later drink.
  2. If you love their fruity drinks, try the Andres Surprise. It’s a citrus drink with a mix of strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, mangoes, and peaches. Yum.
  3. If you’re looking for a candy flavored sort try butterfinger, chocolate-covered strawberries, gummy bear (in many colors and flavors including chocolate!), Reese’s Pieces, and pink Starbursts. Cereal your thing? Try Fruity Pebbles!
  4. Other fun drinks include berry lime sublime, peaches and cream, peanut butter and jelly, piña colada, and strawberry piña colada, and orange whip-no.

You should definitely try one of these many flavors on your next visit to Jamba.


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  1. What you probably know is that Chick-Fil-A is a family favorite go-to for a dang good chicken sandwich. What you might not know is that chick-fil-a also has a dang good secret menu. Next time you go, ask for a buffalo chicken sandwich or a chicken quesadilla. Like the chicken club? Try the fried chicken club! A fan of the spicy chicken patty? Next time try the spicy charbroiled chicken patty.
  2. When your sweet tooth hits try a rootbeer float, or for your children, you can substitute a icedream cone for the toy in their kids meal. Oh, and don’t forget that strawberry lemonade!

Now here’s a Chick-fil-a tip from us, get the chocolate chunk cookie and ask them to put in the microwave for 10 seconds. If we’re being honest you should probably just get the 6 pack because there’s a good chance that it is impossible to eat just one.


plate of spaghetti

Olive Garden

  1. The name of the game for Olive Garden’s secret menu is substitutions. Olive garden is really good at working with their customers to make sure their dish is what they want. One of the best examples of this is the platters that Olive Garden offers. If you don’t want what they include in the platters, you can substitute it out for a different menu item, letting you mix and match to create your perfect dish.
  2. If you want your meal modified in other ways, don’t hesitate to ask for more sauce, different dressings, or even customizing what you want in your stuffed ravioli. Ask for your meal without meat if you prefer vegetarian-style dishes.
  3. If you’re not a huge chocolate fan ask for raspberry or other fruity dipping sauces for desserts like Zeppole.

Olive Garden is great at making their dishes personalized for your palette.


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  1. A fun thing you might not know that Subway does is the old cut. This is where you cut the loaf from the top, and then dig it out a bit to put the ingredients in. You can also ask for it wing style where they will leave what looks like wings of meat hanging out.
  2. You can make some fun combinations with your subs like the pizza sub with pepperoni, tomato sauce, and cheese, or even a chicken parmesan sub.
  3. The other offer Subway has that you shouldn’t forget about is the option to always keep adding! Don’t be afraid to ask for more meat, cheese, veggies, etc!

Subway is also one of those places where they want to satisfy every member of your family, their kids meals are very customizable to even fit your picky child’s wants!


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Little Caesars

When it comes to Little Caesars here are the top three secret menu items:

  1. Crazy crazy bread. if you thought you liked crazy bread, just wait until you try crazy crazy bread. You can ask the employees to bake whatever toppings or cheeses into your crazy bread. Now that’s crazy good.
  2. The go light or go heavy settings. Customize how much sauce, cheese, meat, etc. you want on your pizza. Tell them to go heavy on the cheese next time for a great extra cheesy pizza.
  3. Here’s our favorite Little Caesars secret menu item. The Little Caesars pizza cake! Tell the cook to make a regular pizza with a deep dish pizza cooked on top! This trick will give you, in fact, a pizza cake. The best part about LIttle Caesars is that if the cook is willing, you can try all kinds of kinds of combinations to get as crazy as you want!

Basically, there’s a whole lot of good food out there. Get creative with what you’re asking for, and most places will be willing to work with you and experiment as well. Looking for even more secret menus? Check out our friends at!