9 Soda Fountain Creations You Will Love

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Soda fountains are just amazing. Unlimited refills are part of what makes America great. We all have soda fountain creations that have a special spot in our hearts. Here are 9 wonderful combinations you may have tried before. If you haven’t tried them, then they will change your whole restaurant experience.

red glass of soda with blue water splashing onto it

9. Coca Cola and Orange Soda

The Germans should actually get the credit for this drink. They sell a drink called Spezi that contains both Coke and orange soda. Those Germans are just so smart.

8. Fruity Dr. Pepper

The ratio for this one is a bit complex: 70 percent Dr. Pepper, 10 Percent Sprite, 10 percent Powerade/Hi-C, and a spritz of orange soda and Coca Cola. It will take time, but it will be delicious.

7. Coca Cola and Root Beer

This combo of Coca Cola and Root Beer results in a smooth cream soda substitute. Yum.

6. Orange Soda and Sprite

Try orange soda with Sprite, or any combination of a fruity drink available at a soda fountain, and Sprite becomes more than worthy of your stomach.

5. Sprite and Coke

The limey taste of Sprite and the crisp taste of Coca Cola just need to be together in your cup.

4. Coca Cola Vanilla and Orange Soda

This drink tastes just like a orange creamsicle. You can use Fanta, Sunkist, or any other orange soda brand, but Vanilla Coke cannot be substituted.

3. Mountain Dew and Powerade

This combo is homemade Baja Blast. For the last 10 years, Mountain Dew has sold Baja Blast exclusively at Taco Bell. This is a huge reason to choose Taco Bell over another fast food restaurant. However, you can use this combo if you’re in the mood for another kind of fast food but desperately want Baja Blast.

2. Suicide

Also known as “pigsty” or “swamp water,” the mix isn’t as bad as the name. This concoction requires one portion everything from the soda fountain. We feel sorry for you if the nostalgia isn’t sweeping in now.

1. Lemonade and Sprite

This combo is heaven on earth. Any ratio will work, but ¾ Sprite and ¼ Lemonade (pink or yellow) will hit the spot. Increase the Sprite proportion for more carbonation.

Of course, when it comes to combinations of any kind, the sky’s the limit, but these combinations have set themselves apart from the crowd. Let us know what you think of these, or if there are any combinations you feel are worthy of this list!