10 Signs That She Is Just Not That Into You

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The friend zone is simply the worst place to be. If there was a way to avoid it altogether, most men would want to know. Unless you are the most interesting man alive, you will probably end up in the friend zone once or twice in your life.

Here’s the good news: There are sure signs that she is just not into you. Yes, that is good news. If you notice these 10 signs, then you can save valuable time chasing a girl that just doesn’t like you. Instead, you can spend that time pursuing a girl who wants you to pursue her.

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1. She never starts a conversation.

You wake up and check your phone to find no new messages from your love interest. You think, “That’s okay, I’ll start the conversation again.” You may want to re-think that strategy. If you start the conversation every day, it shows that you are definitely more interested in starting a relationship than she is.

2. She sends you one-word texts.

When she does respond to your texts, she writes things like: “Ok”, “Lol” or “Good.” You try your hardest to think of ways to keep the conversation interesting, but it just doesn’t work out. You may think, “That’s just the way she texts. It’s no big deal.” It is a big deal! If she really liked you, she would make an effort to keep the conversation going.

3. She avoids physical contact.

She might give you a nice high five as a greeting or farewell. She may sit far away from you on the couch or sit on a different couch completely. You may think, “She might just be shy.” You could be right, or she could just not want to give you the wrong impression.

4. She’s calls you bro or friend.

This one is obvious guys. If she calls you either of those names, just give up.

5. She wanders off during an event.

You invited her to a party. She said she would come, which is great news. Come party time, she wanders off to talk to some people she just met or maybe a mutual friend she hasn’t seen in awhile. Of course she is entitled to talk to whomever she wants. However, if she spends more time with someone else at a party that you invited her too, then you should probably find someone else to spend time with as well.

6. She falls asleep while watching a movie.

Let’s be real. If a girl likes you and you like her, then you don’t watch a movie to watch the movie. It’s bad enough if she ignores your moves. If she FALLS ASLEEP during the movie, the chase should be over.

7. She tries to set you up with other people.

“You two would make such a cute couple,” she tells you. You might rationalize that she is just ignorant of your feelings for her. Even if that was the case, she would not be setting you up with another girl if she liked you. You should probably just take listen to her and pursue the girl she is talking about.

8. She is very open about bodily functions.

Okay, we all know there are natural noises our body makes. We shouldn’t be disgusted by that. But, for the most part, a girl who likes you will hide her bodily functions from you as your relationship develops. If she isn’t afraid to pass gas in front of you or talk about some unseemly topics with you, then she is probably not that into you.

9. She has a profile picture with another guy on social media.

To be fair, the guy in the photo might be a super close friend or a sibling. Also, she doesn’t have to have a profile picture with you to show she likes you. However, making it into a profile picture is a great feat for a guy. If that guy isn’t you, then you should probably just admit defeat.

10. She frequently bails out on you and never reschedules.

On the day you were supposed to go out for a nice dinner or a movie, she tells you (enter excuse here). She always seems sure that you guys will hang out until the day of your rendezvous. When she cancels, she says you guys will definitely hang out “in the future.” She never seems to be the one to reschedule though.

We understand that it is difficult to admit defeat, but you need to save your time and energy for someone who likes you. The sting of being in the friend zone will go away. Don’t stay there any longer than you can help.