Celebrity Endorsements for Donald Trump


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Donald Trump’s campaign platform of making America great again has won over a lot of Average Joes and Janes, but it has also netted some surprising celebrity endorsements. It’s not unusual for candidates to get celebrity endorsements, but these stars supporting Trump’s campaign might surprise you.

Whether they agree with his stance on immigration or they just think that The Donald has the business experience needed to change the direction of the country, these celebs have pledged their allegiance to Team Trump. Click through to see if you can guess which stars are aligned for the billionaire businessman! And see if you agree with some of their reasoning – you may be surprised at what some of them had to say!

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Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman’s political affiliations are often surprising. In addition to being a big fan of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, Rodman has said that he supports Trump. The former basketball star’s endorsement may not be a huge surprise; Rodman appeared on Celebrity Apprentice back in 2013. He was best known for his role on the championship Chicago Bulls teams, and for his colorful hair and more colorful antics.

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Dennis Rodman